CAMP (Collection of Anti-Microbial Peptides) has been created with an objective to provide a useful resource for study of antimicrobial peptides. This manually curated database currently holds   experimentally validated and predicted antimicrobial peptide sequences. The new release of CAMP also has experimentally elucidated structures of antimicrobial peptides.

Information related to sequence, protein definition, accession numbers, activity, taxonomy of the source organism, target organisms with MIC values, hemolytic activity of the peptide, protein family descriptions and links to external databases like SwissProt, PDB, PubMed and other antimicrobial peptide databases are included here. Researchers are invited to submit new sequences for inclusion in CAMP.

A complete documentation of the database features and tools can be accessed from the Help file.

This work has been funded by grants from Department of Science & Technology, India and Indian Council of Medical Research.


Sequence Database

Antimicrobial peptide sequences

Current Status: 5040

Structure Database

Antimicrobial peptide structures

Current Status: 682

Patent Database

Patented antimicrobial peptides

Current Status: 1716

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