Title : Halocin-S8
GenInfo Identifier : 18202966
Source : Haloarchaeon S8a
Taxonomy : Archaea
NCBI Taxonomy : 135836
UniProt: Q9HHA8
PubMed : Reference: Liao W, Ma D, Wang R, Han Z, Shao T, Li H, Liu S (2009) mRNA Cloning, Evolutionary Analysis and Biological Characterization of Duck Avian Beta-defensin 10. Acta Veterinaria et Zootechnica Sinica, 2009, 40(9): 1320-1326.
Length : 36
Activity : Antibacterial
Gram Nature : Gram-ve
Target : H.?salinarum NRC817, Halobacterium sp. strain GRB, H.?gibbonsii
Validated : Experimentally Validated
InterPro : IPR006311 : TAT_signal.
AMP Family : Bacteriocin
Gene Ontology :
GO ID Ontology Definition
GO:0005576 Cellular Component Extracellular region IEA
GO:0019835 Biological Process Cytolysis IEA
GO:0042742 Biological Process Defense response to bacterium IEA